CARINDALE – Pre-Sale Staging

Project Address: 13 Skyline Crescent Carindale

Project Type: Residential Interior Pre-sale Staging/Decoration

Project Timeline: May – June 2017

Description of Entry: The clients originally made contact in November 2016, and asked me to help them prepare their property for sale.

At the time, they had extended family living with them, and it was clear that the timing was not right for them to try and prepare the property for sale, especially in the lead up to Christmas. They opted to revisit the idea in the new year.

Contact was re-established in April 2017, and there was a sense of urgency to make it happen rather sooner than later, as they had purchased another block of land, and were eager to start the build on their new project, but needed to sell their home, to help fund the new build.

Although the property was less than three years old – it had been “lived in”and the interior needed to be repainted. There were also a number of things that had not been properly finished when the property was first built i.e. walls had to be patched and plastered, doors had to be hung, door handles had to be fitted, lighting fixtures had to be changed, tiles had to be replaced and grouted etc.

We did paint colour selections for the interior and exterior, and prepared a list of things that needed to be attended to, in order to get the property market ready – including staging and some landscaping/gardening to create street appeal.

Fortunately, the owners have a commercial painting contracting business, and they were able to make this all happen pretty quickly.

Working closely with the agent to get a sense of who they would be marketing the property to, we staged the property with a young professional family in mind.

The property went to market at the end of May 2017, and sold after the first open home, for a record price in the area.

Client Brief: Help prepare and stage the property for sale.

Budget Limitations / Cost Effectiveness:  The staging/decoration budget for this project was set at $7000.00. The clients carried the cost of the painting and repairs themselves.

Gross Size of Project: 4 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms, Media Room, Home Office, large open plan Living and Dining Area, leading out onto a covered patio. Land size 700 m² Building area 291 m² over two levels.

Rationale for Material / Product Choices: Being a very contemporary home in the sought-after Hilltop Estate in Carindale, we took the design/decoration cues from the modern lines, sense of open spaces, triple volume ceiling spaces, and the connection of the central living spaces, and master suite on the upper level, to the outdoors.

We selected a range for furniture and furnishings to complement the spaces, and to highlight the livability of the spaces. The overall palette was very earthy, with some bold statement pieces and large artworks all helping to exude a sense of luxury.

Specific Challenges/Limitations: Leading very busy lives, not much thought had ever gone into the interior decoration/furnishing of the home, which meant we essentially had a blank canvas to work with.

The most significant challenge was to ensure that the selections of furniture, artwork, décor and accessories etc, were in proportion to the voluminous space – particularly in the central living area.

Apart from the master suite – the three other bedrooms on the upper level of the home are not very large rooms, and the challenge was to make each of the rooms feel spacious.

Other than the client’s fridge, dining table and chairs, and media room sofa, we supplied all the furniture, furnishings, artworks, décor and accessories to stage the home.

Innovation, liveability and/or adaptability of Space: The clients originally set up their living area in the space we turned into the dining area, and we reimagined the living space where they had their dining space to great effect.

Changing over, these two spaces instantly created a better connection from the living area to the outdoor patio area, and the dining space felt more resolved in its new position.

Using large scale artworks created focal points throughout the home, leading you from one space to the next with ease.

We also changed the pendant over the kitchen bench to create more of a statement, as the original fittings were not in scale for the overall space.

A Few Words from The Client:

“I cannot believe this is our home – it is exquisite – not sure I want to sell it now – can we have it just like this?

In Summary:

Styling/staging a property for sale, is a somewhat different approach to designing and decorating a home.

Although the objective of staging for sale is to “de-personalize” the space, and to show off the potential of the property i.e. “sell the dream” of living in the property – that does not mean that you cannot create a certain look (personalizing it) aimed at the potential target market/buyers.

The property sold for a record price in the Hill Top Estate by James McKinlay from –


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