Earthborne by Design is committed to creating the best space for your lifestyle, preferences and budget across all our services, on new or existing houses and houses being readied for market.

Interior Décor & Design

Décor Styling

Maximise the appeal of an existing space through better space management, new furniture, window treatments, flooring, colour and so on. This is a great way to improve your current environment without making any building adjustments.

Full Interior Design

Design concepts for the physical dimensions of the space, envisioning the decorative interior, with material specifications, furniture placement etc.

Property Staging

Our tailored Property Staging services will help increase the value of your property, and set your home above the competition with .  Maximize opportunities to attract more potential buyers (or tenants) faster. Highlight the positives of your home and make them pop to potential buyers. This is where aesthetics take precedence over functionality.

Moving into a New Home

We can help you style a new home with your existing furniture or look at selecting suitable new or repurposed pieces and décor.

Single or Multiple Room Design

Make over a single room or style an entire home, everything from a 60-minute consultation to in-depth styling across all stages of the build, renovation or redecoration.

Finishes & Selection

This is where we bring your ideas to life. After an initial consultation to understand your requirements, our team takes your ideas away and comes back to present you with selections and samples and answer any questions you have. You keep all the product samples and the detailed schedule of items Earthborne by Design has prepared for you.

The schedule includes supplier details and prices, giving you everything you need to do the buying yourself, or you can hand the schedule to your trade teams.

Project Management

Save endless amounts of time sourcing professionals, products and prices. Earthborne by Design will source the perfect product or service for your project at the best price and ensure the entire project runs smoothly and to budget, including quotes, budgets, ordering, quality control and supervision.